///hmn's Wrong Place
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Oxygen Chrome

Use the mod with Quake 3 Arena 1.11/1.16n and Nemesis or NoGhost client for the best results


///hmn's Q3A pk3 modification        (2018 HD textures)
- Added shaders for new sky animations
- Selfmade Ranger model (with glowing shaders)
- New  Rockets and grenade animation
- Glasweapon models (see through weapon shader)
- Console,  main menu design and new menu sounds
- New weapon sounds (splitted)
- New Item sounds (splitted)
- Added Reaction Quake III feedback sounds
- Added new flags to some maps
- Bouncepad animation with white rings
- New high resolution textures (greyscaled)                                                                                       - New Statues and weaponspot animations                                                                                        - New Surface effects and colors                                                                                                                - New High Resolution HUD.file                                                                                                                   - New map decals and highlights (SFX)                                                                                                            

NEW 2018 Quake III Arena 1.11-1.16n modification

Before using this pk3 delete the old version, in case you have one !  You dont have any gameclient yet ? I added NoGhost and Nemesis client to the archive  (open the install.text file for more informations). Save your old q3config.cfg files before overwriting the configs !


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