here you can have a Beer ! Cheers man
At 2018-08-06, 05:09:54 PM
From: ///hmn's

I Wont agane a Drink from all Quakers!
At 2018-08-06, 12:35:59 PM
From: GosuMuXA

At 2018-08-02, 07:15:21 PM
From: GosuMuXA

RUN worm, run.
At 2018-07-25, 11:04:55 AM
From: GosuMuXA

At 2018-07-13, 02:57:38 PM
From: GosuMuXA

Hello Bad News ! I deleted the Special/thirdparty maps from the ***Free-For-All-II*** server. It was most of the time empty so i decided to remove them and add Q3DM6 and Q3DM17 to the cycle. Have fun playing on my servers
At 2018-06-30, 01:19:15 PM
From: ///hmn'

Jim! You are alive!
At 2018-06-20, 08:53:25 PM
From: Para

So what am i doing here?
At 2018-06-20, 08:05:30 PM
From: Jim

Kiffen killed Jim
At 2018-06-20, 07:58:09 PM
From: Para

Eeeeee macarena
At 2018-06-02, 04:20:12 PM
From: Hilln4xn

Hello I will test special / Thirdparty maps on ***Free-For-All-II*** Gameserver (IP: Please grab the mappack from the link below (autodownload ingame wont work). Thank you and have fun playing on my servers. Cheers
At 2018-06-01, 01:58:55 PM
From: ///hmn'

Hope you like it haha
At 2018-06-01, 09:34:14 AM
From: ///hmn'

I am in The wrong place
At 2018-05-31, 02:18:22 PM
From: DORA

Yo Hmn
At 2018-05-31, 02:18:10 PM
From: DORA

Ja wer wohl
At 2018-05-16, 04:48:10 PM
From: ///hmn'

Wer will freiwillig aufs Maul?
At 2018-05-13, 06:57:26 PM
From: Hilln4xn

Still the best server !
At 2018-05-07, 05:09:11 PM
From: ///hmn'

Hello! Some video captured from FFA #1 server -
At 2018-04-27, 03:04:46 AM
From: Muhaha^^

Jau Space. Cool you came by. Have a good day sir
At 2018-03-20, 05:22:27 PM
From: ///hmn'

Hey there buddy
At 2018-03-20, 05:10:49 PM
From: .sp4ce.

dragon ReX was in the wrong place
At 2018-02-11, 10:30:01 AM
From: ///hmn'

At 2018-02-10, 04:20:28 PM
From: dragon ReX

Jo please redownload the mod in case you downloaded it last night ! I forget to insert new soundfile .pk3
At 2018-01-07, 12:46:20 PM
From: ///hmn'

Hello fellaz. I Uploaded a new version of my Quake III Arena modification. Some texture changes, new effects and sounds. Download it now !!!
At 2018-01-07, 12:58:14 AM
From: ///hmn'

Anyway I need to to catch up old one, I haven't checked yet your last realase - will check both :> xoxo
At 2018-01-06, 05:18:13 PM
From: Agi

Coming tommorow
At 2018-01-06, 05:05:31 PM
From: ///hmn'

hehe wait for my new version :D
At 2018-01-06, 05:05:15 PM
From: ///hmn'

Hey ///Hmn' Time to check your mode. ; ) greetings
At 2018-01-06, 04:54:24 PM
From: Agi

Im fine how are you space
At 2018-01-06, 04:46:17 PM
From: ///hmn'

Hey buddy, how are you doing?
At 2018-01-04, 05:38:11 PM
From: .sp4ce.

At 2018-01-01, 02:41:22 PM
From: ///hmn'

Happy new year
At 2018-01-01, 02:06:35 PM
From: Para

Thanks Sir its working now.You are very cooperative. Have a nice day SIr
At 2017-12-31, 10:11:14 AM
From: DORA and Black-Widow

Hello Dora. I increased the value for maxping on my server Try again today please ! And yes have a good and joyfull 2018 !
At 2017-12-31, 09:48:13 AM
From: ///hmn'

not works for me the server not letting me in the game ..... My girl friend also like this server she also facing same issue with that .Your other server works fine with us but its not same like this your other server .I hope you understand and thanks for help Sir Wish you happy new Year
At 2017-12-31, 05:35:04 AM
From: DORA

//hmn i tried everything
At 2017-12-31, 05:33:01 AM
From: DORA

Hello Hilln4xn
At 2017-12-31, 05:32:45 AM
From: DORA

Hi Dora
At 2017-12-30, 10:28:14 PM
From: Hilln4xn

Hello Dora ! When you get the "server is for low pings only" message. Open the console (^) and enter /reconnect (the server max ping is 300, that means all pings above 300 cant connect). This should help
At 2017-12-30, 05:48:26 PM
From: ///hmn'

I don't know why this server is not working for me Getting this error while connecting "server is for low ping only". If you blocked me please unblock me
At 2017-12-30, 02:14:20 PM
From: DORA

Hello Fellaz I updated the website, servers and links. Nemesis client 2.14 is available again in the download section. Have a nice and joyful 2018 Keep on playing Quake III Arena !!!
At 2017-12-29, 06:15:22 PM
From: ///hmn' Here you go
At 2017-12-17, 12:01:35 AM
From: ///hmn'

Hi hmn! I wanna play q3 again(ofc with your config ). But I can't download your config - website with it( don't work(
At 2017-12-16, 09:30:39 PM
From: insp

Jo Dora. I'm glad you came by enjoy my place !
At 2017-12-14, 04:07:18 PM
From: ///hmn'

i am in wrong place like it
At 2017-12-11, 07:49:24 AM
From: Dora

Nice servers Thanks Admin
At 2017-12-11, 07:48:51 AM
From: Dora

At 2017-11-04, 01:15:18 PM
From: ///hmn'

At 2017-11-03, 01:28:10 AM
From: Unknown

Try The PAR clan Servers: <PAR>-Rock*Hook&Rail* <PAR>-Clan*Hook&Rail*Base <PAR>-Classic Quake III <PAR&FECT>-Hook&ShotGun*Gamer enter: /bind mouse2 +button5 to enable hook on the right mousebutton!
At 2017-10-31, 06:27:42 PM
From: ///hmn'

A new Bug has been found thanks to Teaser. Try to not use cg_shadows "3" at the moment. It gives you a weird shadowed thirdperson character. I try to fix this issue in the next few days.
At 2017-10-31, 09:04:21 AM
From: ///hmn'

Hello Quake Players !!! I added Q3DM14 to the mapcycle on the ***Free-For-All*** gameserver. And i added Q3DM6 and Q3DM17 multiple times. Feel free to post any maps you wish or like to see in my mapcycle
At 2017-10-30, 07:18:21 AM
From: ///hmn'

Okay i will set a floodprotection on booth servers
At 2017-10-23, 10:22:11 PM
From: ///hmn'

Razor or somebody spam all day and use kind of hack.
At 2017-10-21, 01:24:15 PM
From: unnamed

U need to add spam protection to the servers. Taday Venom
At 2017-10-21, 01:23:41 PM
From: unnamed

I heard my help was needed?
At 2017-10-11, 09:33:03 PM
From: Shaved Donkey

Whatsup mate!?
At 2017-08-18, 03:19:14 PM
From: Space

I can find anything arround the net so far. Whats the deal with it ? Isnt it reachable anymore? I will have a look for news and if i find anything i'll post it in here.
At 2017-08-05, 06:10:55 PM
From: ///hmn'

What happened with master id server? Did they comment on this?
At 2017-08-05, 05:48:10 PM
From: unnamed

Haha yes you own it i wasnt talking about your posts
At 2017-07-28, 09:30:44 PM
From: ///hmn

My message below is not a mod but just a lil bit shitty so let's public it
At 2017-07-19, 09:30:47 PM
From: insp

Yeees, I'm in top3 best players at ***Free-For-All-II*** server. My power grows and I'm ready to win the server's raid boss- hmn
At 2017-07-19, 09:23:57 PM
From: insp

This shoutbox is not for the people who think they can public mods and shit on my website
At 2017-07-15, 12:08:21 PM
From: ///hmn'

Hello folks I updated my Quake III MOD. Download my latest mod and delete the old pk3 files from your baseq3 directory. New Rocket effects and texture changes.
At 2017-07-12, 03:08:19 PM
From: ///hmn'

Im glad you enjoy my work insp
At 2017-07-09, 09:21:43 AM
From: ///hmn'

thanks hmn
At 2017-07-05, 12:00:02 AM
From: insp

thanks for grayscaled HD. Already installed it and my Quake don't wanna run (GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem), but i'll try to fix it play again
At 2017-07-04, 07:10:21 PM
From: insp

My next version of the greyscaled pk3 will come soon too. I still have to fix and style some textures and effects. So keep your eye open for the new version on the next few weeks !
At 2017-06-20, 12:37:49 PM
From: ///hmn'

Hey 1488MP i have to test it in the next week when i have time i'll tell you what i think about it
At 2017-06-20, 12:36:24 PM
From: ///hmn'

Hehe, i complete my work, not without your help. Size in 7z archive 133 mb (no music\video).. Display resolution can be changed in resolution.cfg. Link
At 2017-06-19, 05:41:41 PM
From: 1488mp

Subscribed. Do not forget about HQQ mod, he is a top.
At 2017-06-12, 03:50:00 PM
From: 14

Yeah thats pretty cool ! Look more realistic to me. But in my new Version of the greyscaled pk3 coming soon, there new rocket fire explosion shaders. So the darkburned marks fit to the style of the explosion ;)
At 2017-06-12, 12:50:06 PM
From: ///hmn'

сan also be completely disabled (cg_marks 0)
At 2017-06-12, 11:59:24 AM
From: 1488mp

look on my small mod (marks transparency). pic 1 pic 2
At 2017-06-12, 11:58:07 AM
From: 1488mp

Because my pk3 is the last loaded, it overwrites all other pk3 files you have. If you want a pk3 to load after my pk3 give it one more z to the name. Like my pk3 have zzz. name the pk3 you want with zzzz.
At 2017-06-11, 01:05:08 PM
From: ///hmn'

zzz yep. by topic. I think Quake sorts models from different files, but now the file is one for all models. And they are not sorted.
At 2017-06-11, 12:37:25 PM
From: 1488мр

And again never mix pk3 files when you are not sure what they do
At 2017-06-11, 12:36:55 PM
From: ///hmn'

If you want to change the loading position of a specific pk3 file, you can add zzz or zzzz.example.pk3 in the pk3 name.
At 2017-06-11, 12:31:19 PM
From: ///hmn'

My Models are in order ! I dont know what you doin there ! I did not made any player-model changes ! The only model i changed is the marky ranger model
At 2017-06-11, 12:28:47 PM
From: Unknown

1 difference, the models are not in order, but mixed, dev models from 1.16n (pak2.pk3) and standart models (pak0.pk3).
At 2017-06-11, 12:23:34 PM
From: 1488мр

i mix standart pak0 with standart pak1\pak2. pak2 replaces the same files in pak1 but on newer versions. The same thing happens with pak1 and pak0. After all, quake works.
At 2017-06-11, 12:18:22 PM
From: 1488мр

Jo 1488mp Its no problem to combine my mod pakfiles to just one pak0 file ! But never mix the standart pak0 with standart pak1 or pak2, because this will corrupt your gamefiles. Try use the greyscaled pk3 files only. Do not mix my old pakfiles with my latest (greyscaled) !!!
At 2017-06-11, 11:34:51 AM
From: ///hmn'

What will happen if I combine pak0 with pak1, pak2 by load order?
At 2017-06-11, 08:46:55 AM
From: 1488mp

Duke kicks ass ! *Boot*
At 2017-06-09, 04:29:10 PM
From: ///hmn'

Hail to the king, baby
At 2017-06-08, 05:50:14 PM
From: Para

20 visits a day ! Im king :D
At 2017-06-07, 04:04:50 PM
From: ///hmn'

At 2017-06-05, 05:48:15 PM
From: SpamPeet

Hello Space nice you came by and its great you like my website.
At 2017-06-03, 10:19:58 PM
From: ///hmn

That's a nice website you have. I like it! I would like to invite you once to my place on q3. We see eachother!
At 2017-06-03, 05:52:31 PM
From: .D.En|SP4CE.

not for :D i am president !
At 2017-05-27, 10:50:41 AM
From: ///hmn'

hmn for president
At 2017-05-27, 12:11:26 AM
From: Hilln4xn

Yaaaay , thats great! Thank you hmn! Thank you for uploading such great stuff!You are the best,You are a winner! I will immediately download every single file and keep them forver <3
At 2017-05-27, 12:10:54 AM
From: Hilln4xn

I added a bunch of free Quake engine games to the website. Try some of the games ! All Games are free to download and got a working multiplayer in 2017
At 2017-05-22, 01:34:03 PM
From: ///hmn'

Website is updated ! Booth Paks (Original/Greyscaled) got splitted soundfiles now, for a easy delete. And i changed some textures inside the Original pk3 file. Have fun with it !
At 2017-05-19, 05:24:12 PM
From: ///hmn'

Feel free to download my new PK3 !!! Test out which pk3 you like more! The Original or the greyscaled one (soundfiles and visuals has been splitted, read the install.txt file !!!))
At 2017-05-16, 10:07:57 PM
From: ///hmn'

First screenshots of my new greyscaled Q3A are ready ! i made some mapshots for you to see the progress
At 2017-05-10, 01:09:25 PM
From: ///hmn'

For everyone who is interested in. I am working on a new total texture conversion pk3 for Quake III Arena. The new maptextures and effects come in a greyscale modern look. 90% of the pk3 is done yet and i have more work to do
At 2017-05-03, 05:31:15 PM
From: ///hmn'

I will switch the TDM to FFA type game (same then my first FFA server). The q3dm6 and q3dm17 maps will be the only maps in the cicle
At 2017-04-14, 02:42:28 PM
From: ///hmn'

My New 24/7 TDM Quake 3 Arena 1.16n Noghost Server : ***Team-Deathmatch*** !!! Big thanks to Para Peet for hosting this great server for me
At 2017-04-09, 01:54:55 PM
From: ///hmn'

At 2017-04-08, 09:12:03 PM
From: ParaPeet

Best Hoster Para Peet
At 2017-04-07, 10:52:31 PM
From: ///hmn'